Films on a Friday #52 (1 Year Complete!) – Lucy

Hi there! How are we all? This is the 52nd edition of Films of a Friday, meaning I have completed it for one whole year! I’ve enjoyed reflecting on the new films I’ve seen over the past year. It’s a fun reason to justify my verging-on-obsessive researching of film trivia after watching a new title, now I have an excuse so I can put it in my blog!

This week’s film features the fantastic Scarlett Johannson, who I love for many reasons. I’m sure most people love her for aesthetic reasons, which is hardly surprising. I mean, have you seen her? But the biggest reason I like Scarlett Johannson is because she plays such badass characters. One of the reasons I don’t watch a lot of action movies is because I get frustrated with women being written into pathetic roles where they just play the damsel in distress waiting to get rescued by a man. The roles Johannson often gets cast in are so cool because she uses her skills set to take on anyone – be it a man or a woman – and I just really, really enjoy watching that. Girl power!

3. Lucy
Lucy gets kidnapped and forced to carry drugs in her stomach for international drug dealers. But this drug is like any other, it plays on the theory that humans only use 10% of their brain capacity and this drug enables you to unlock more than that and Lucy evolves into something other humans have never achieved before in order to escape her captors. The concept of the film is really cool, just imagine if there was a drug that allowed you to use more of your brain. It’s kind of like the film Limitless starring Bradley Cooper, I’m actually reading the book for that at the moment and it’s really good. Morgan Freeman is also in the film Lucy which is always a nice addition to a film! Overall, despite the mixed reviews on the film, I really liked it. It makes me wonder if there are scientists in real life working on their own version of a drug that expands the brain’s capacity.

Have a good week folks, a snow storm is due to hit the east coast of the US in a couple of hours. It’s already started snowing and classes have been cancelled. So happy it was better weather yesterday when I went into the city!

Sophie x


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