Films on a Friday #7

Hello folks! I hope you’ve all had a great week. It’s been a bit of a mad one for me. Last weekend I went to Reading and Basingstoke for a few days which was great fun; and this week has been a mad rush to try to get all of my paperwork together for Marist. I watched two new films this week, bringing the running total this year up to 39 – not bad considering we are only just nearing the end of the second month of the year!

38. X-Men Origins Wolverine
I love a bit of Hugh Jackman and I’d been meaning to watch this for a while so it was the perfect chance to tick off two things on my imaginary to-do list. I really enjoyed it! Hugh Jackman was marvellous – he plays the tortured soul ever so well whilst pulling off the fighting in the acton-filled parts. I really enjoy prequel films, it gives so much more depth to the characters and you get to understand their motives much better; it makes me want to watch the other films all over again! I did a bit of googling and the person who plays young Logan is Troye Sivan – who I know mostly from youtube (I hear his twitter and instagram are pretty big too) so that was interesting! Overall, a very entertaining film and I would happily watch it again.

39. We Bought A Zoo
This film is listed as comedy/drama/family film so I was curious as to how that would play out. I popped this film on my rental list when I was looking up films Elle Fanning had been in (having seen and liked her in Ginger and Rosa) and I found it to be a fairly entertaining watch overall. I found the acting from the three Mee family members to be really impressive – I’ve already done a little research into what else Colin Ford has been in. There was one scene in particular which made me absolutely sob – the one titled ‘Let’s Shave’; anyone who has seen the film please tell me this had the same effect on you because I felt the acting was incredible and so believable. Scarlett Johansson is also a main character in it and it was really refreshing to see her with little make up and in practical clothes. I think she’s always taken on strong female roles (from what I’ve seen anyway) but there always seems to be a sexual element – it was nice to see her in a family film where the audience is encouraged to focus on her character rather than her body. In fact, it would have been nice to have found out a little more about her back story. I’d recommend this film; whilst the storyline is quite predictable, the acting is really good and made the film really moving.

And that’s all for this week, folks. Please pop any film suggestions into the comments below, or tweet me at @sophieredgell.

Have a good weekend!

Sophie x


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