Films on a Friday is Going Casual

Hello there! Over the past 14 months I have been posting weekly movie reviews on the new films I’ve watched that week. It has been part of a 5-year New Year’s Resolution whereby I would watch 100 new films each year.

Since moving to America I have become much busier than I was back home because I spend all of my free time exploring (and trying to cram in my college work to free up my weekends for more travelling!). I really enjoy watching and reviewing movies and I have tried to avoid this, but I have decided to change from weekly reviews to occasional reviews for when I have time to watch a movie.

I have 7 weeks of classes left and then I will be living out of a suitcase without a laptop or reliable internet connection from May until September (aside from a few week in the UK in July) so I don’t see myself tracking down wifi to try to watch a new movie. Instead, if I get the time I will post the occasional review on a Friday – I’m just taking a new meaning from the phrase “Casual Fridays”.

So for now, this blog will become much more orientated towards travelling, living abroad, and exploring (and other countries!) so look out for some new posts coming soon with more of an adventurer’s flair!

I hope you’re all well and are having a fantastic week.

Sophie x

P.S. The photo is from a morning wandering around the upper west side of Central Park, I think the snow makes it look ever prettier.


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