You’ve changed, Aston!

Aston Autumn

A few things have changed at Aston University since I left at the end of second year.

It’s all on the record
For a start, all of Aston Business School lectures are recorded, making Aston Replay (one of my absolute favourite things about Aston) even better. Some use it as a replacement for going to lectures, this sure comes in handy when you’re unable to attend a lecture or two. Although, I wouldn’t recommend replacing all lectures with recordings because lectures have become a lot more interactive this year, also I think it would be very easy for the amount of lectures to snowball and fall really behind. But personally, I love it because my gosh do some of my lecturers talk fast. It’s also great for my Advanced Market Research module because some of those formulas are so confusing!

Paper is a thing of the past
Another change at Aston Business School is that we no longer have to submit our coursework in paper format, it’s all online. I live much closer to campus this year (about 1.5 songs on my iPod) so it’s not as much of an issue for me, but I think this is great news for those who live further away or for those who don’t have to time to print off and queue up at the submission office if the deadline is a little bit too close for comfort by the time you make the finishing touches on your essay.

Aspires/Carbon/Reading Week
A major addition that every Aston student will have noticed is that we now have a week in the middle of the term which for 1st and final years is Aston Aspires week, and for second year is Carbon Week. Aspires week is as much as you make it to be. There were lots of events to improve your employability and you could pick which ones stood out to you the most. I went along to the ones about marketing, networking, using LinkedIn and learning about alternatives to grad schemes. I hear the Carbon week was all about being environmentally conscious and was a compulsory event for second years to attend. I think for all years, it was useful to have a week to pause from lectures and to catch up with everything else.

It’s all so fancy around here
The actual campus itself is looking so fancy these days! Stafford Tower is gone, there’s a new little ampi-theatre down by the lake and the whole place just looks a lot more open. I would still take great pleasure in being able to power-wash all of main build but I suppose that isn’t really a priority in terms of renovating campus.

The union is bigger and better than ever
I really enjoyed freshers week this year. The awesome lady that is Marketing Officer for the union this year is Sam Johnson, she studied abroad at Marist College for her placement the year before I did and I’m pretty sure this had an influence on the American theme for Freshers week 2015: there was a Cowboys and Indian night, a toga party and a Frat Party where everyone got their American dress on. The bar crawl and the welcome back party were really fun too. Another improvement at the union this year is that there seems to be lots more events run by the SU, they organised the buses to the fireworks events last week, there are quiz nights and RAG week (Raising and Giving) is looking to be a big one this year too.

Overall, I’m really liking the changes I’ve noticed so far. It’s been great to be back in Birmingham and it’s good to see all of the improvements that have been happening at Aston whilst I was away on placement. It’s a good year to be back at Aston!

Sophie x

Photo credit: my fabulous flatmate Hannah, you can check her blog out here


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