Films on a Friday #57 – In Your Eyes

Hello everyone, it’s Friday! I hope you all had a good week. I have a new film review and it’s actually on a Friday. What a treat! Here’s what I thought of In Your Eyes.

8. In Your Eyes

The idea behind this film is that two young people share a psychic connection that starts out when they are children but fully develops when they are in early adulthood. I liked In Your Eyes, they created a cross over between a drama and a rom-com.

They also drew attention to the fact that being psychic can be pretty cool at times, such as when GUY teaches GIRL to fix her car by herself and avoid a hefty mechanic bill. But there is the massive downside too: the type of psychic connection they shared would you only work if they spoke out-loud, they could hear, see, smell and feel what the other person was experiencing, but they couldn’t hear the other person’s thoughts. So the way they would have conversations with each other would be to talk out loud and the other person would hear them; and, as you will see if you watch In Your Eyes, this leads to worse consequences than just a few dodgy looks.

The main storyline was pretty predictable but I felt the acting was good and the sub-plots and characters’ backstories fleshed it out enough to make it an enjoyable movie. Overall, it was an enjoyable, not overly cheesy, rom-com that made for some easy watching.

I hope you have a warm (if possible) and enjoyable weekend.

Sophie x


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