Films on a Friday #56 – Gimme Shelter

Hello there everyone. My love affair with the showtime series ‘Dexter’ has unfortunately come to an end. Personally I liked the finale, as frustrating as parts of it was, it was actually really clever. And one of my favourite things to do once it had finished was to go on tumblr and finally be able to read interesting points of view on the series as well as look at funny edited photos. They’re a funny bunch, that tumblr lot.

So with Dexter finished, as much as it upsets me, I have much more time to watch films before I pick my next series to marathon.

7. Gimme Shelter
This 2013 film has been popping up on the popular section in Netflix for a little while now so I thought I’d give it a go. It’s about a pregnant teenager Apple who flees her abusive mother, tries to find her absent father, but ultimately finds shelter in a home for pregnant teenage mothers. Parts of it where pretty good, I liked the atmosphere they created in the home for pregnant teen mums. It reminded me of some documentaries I’d seen on Channel 4. At times I found Vanessa Hudgens fairly convincing in her role as a distressed teenager, there was one scene where she is crying and wow, that was some good acting. But at times she slipped into this gangster-Hispanic voice which just made me cringe. Maybe if it was done consistently throughout the film I’d have found it more convincing but unfortunately not. I gave it three stars on Netflix and after doing a bit of research online, it seemed like that was the general consensus.

Gimme Shelter 3I watched the Oscars on Sunday night and it sure gave me some inspiration for new films to watch! The main reason I watched it was because Neil Patrick Harris was hosting and he did a wonderful job. I’ve been pretty out of touch with new releases since living in the US. The bus to the mall only runs on weekends and I’m usually in the city so I’ve only been to the cinema here twice – to watch Gone Girl and Birdman. I’ve been longing to see The Theory of Everything ever since I saw the trailer, and after it received so much attention, I want to watch it even more. It was really interesting to see clips of films that I had heard of but had never seen, I’ve definitely got a mental list of movies I’d like to watch in the near future.

Did any of you watch the Oscars?

Sophie x


4 thoughts on “Films on a Friday #56 – Gimme Shelter

  1. May I recommend a film! It’s one that Babs and I watched late last year and we love love love it. It is so funny! It’s a mockumentary about a group of vampires who live together in New Zealand. It’s called What We Do In The Shadows. Some of the lines are right corkers!! It’s not long either, only 85 mins long.


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