Films on a Friday #49 – TFIOS, If I Stay, Unbroken

Happy New Year everyone! Last year’s resolution of watching 100 new films was a success! 119 films in 52 weeks, so I smashed my target. I technically watched this week’s three films in December so I’m putting it in 2014’s list even though I’m writing about it now. Next week I’ll reset the counter to 1 ready for 2015!

My parents have just moved house and we haven’t had wifi the whole winter break. It’s a tough life having no internet, my brother and I have really missed Netflix. It’s true what they say, distance makes the heart grow stronger… Anyway, this week’s new films didn’t need any internet because I saw it in the cinema and on the plane. I’m babysitting at the moment and borrowing their wifi so I can finally upload it. Here we go…

117. The Fault In Our Stars
So I did a really silly thing and watched this on the flight back to London for Christmas. I cry at films very easily as it is, factor in the fact that I was over-tired and it made for quite an embarrassing scene on the plane. I quite liked The Fault In Our Stars. I’d read the book a couple of years but hadn’t gotten round to watching the film, partially because I wondered if it would live up to how much I liked the book. I don’t think it did match up, but it certainly gave it a good go. The soundtrack was good, I don’t know how much I liked the casting of the main two characters. I think the main reason I cried was because I was remembering how sad it was when I read the book and knowing what was about to happen made watching the film that little bit more tragic. Overall it was pretty good, I would probably have enjoyed it more if I hadn’t read the book.

118. If I Stay
I remember first seeing the advert for this on a massive billboard when I was staying in NYC with my Dad for the week but he refused to go and see it. In fairness it wasn’t his type of film. It was pretty good, very sad and slightly dragged out. Chloë Grace Moretz continued to impress me in her role as Mia, a girl who is in a coma after a car accident. She appears as a spirit who can watch her loved ones come and visit her but is unable to talk to them or interact with them. The film has a lot of flashbacks which fleshes out the story which I enjoyed at first but it did start to feel like the movie was dragging after a while. In the spirit form, Mia watches as more bad things happen and she has to decide whether to wake up from her coma or choose to die. It was a very sad film and the acting was great, I just feel the plot dragged on a little bit towards.

119. Unbroken
When I saw the trailer for this I was blown away, it looked incredible. Directed by Angelina Jolie and starring Jack O’Connell as Louis Zamperini, Unbroken is about a budding young athlete who is drafted into the army rather than having the Olympic career he was heading for. It shows Louis being stranded in the ocean for an inconceivably long amount of time, and then becoming a prisoner of war (POV) in Japan. The way this film was shot was incredible; I felt that it depicted the length of time that Louis was stranded for as well as showing how long he had to survive as a POV. A friend of mine said she become bored by the pace of the film but I think I got too wrapped up in the story to become bored. I genuinely hated the officer in the Japanese camp but it took an interesting approach of explaining the emotional reasoning behind why some officers acted the way they did. It was a brutal film in the sense that there was torture, starvation, and manipulation but there was a big focus on the mental power of Zamperini and how he fought to stay alive and to stay sane throughout his ordeal. Overall an incredible film and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

That’s all for this week folks! Next week, we’ll be kicking off with number 1 of 2015’s new films. Have a great week!

Sophie x


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