Films on a Friday #48 – Tiny Furniture

Merry Christmas! I hope you are enjoying the winter break.

116. Tiny Furniture
I really like Lena Dunham. The way she writes is quite like independent movies but the way they are shot is a lot more professional, although not full on Hollywood. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but I really like her style. This movie is about a college graduate who doesn’t know what she is doing with her life. Not particularly original. But there are many sub-plots and interesting character relationships that spice up the movie.

So Lena Dunham plays Aura. Her mum is an established photographer with an impressive apartment in New York City. After graduating from college in Ohio, Aura moves back home with her Mum and sister, neither of which she has particularly great relationships with. She struggles to find a job that justifies her college degree, although she doesn’t show evidence of particularly trying either, and settles for a poorly paid job as a hostess in a restaurant. Something that really annoyed me was the character Jed, he was a slightly internet-famous youtuber who stays with Lena for a week. What bothered me was that he was so ungrateful! If I had a friend who offered to let me sleep in their parents’ apartment for the week because you can’t afford anything else, how could you not be grateful? And after a week when her mum gets sick of him, he forces Aura to feel apologetic to him for only letting him stay a week. I was watching this thinking “what?! Don’t apologise, he’s an ungrateful idiot!”

The pace of the movie was steady, it didn’t feel overly fast or slow. Sometimes I find the more artsy-independent movies to be a bit slow but I liked this one. The ending was really peculiar. Late, I think I’m going to look up to see if anyone has discussed this because I felt like it had lots of meaning but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what the meaning was. Overall, I really liked Tiny Furniture and I continue to like Lena Dunham and her work.

Happy holidays!

Sophie x


One thought on “Films on a Friday #48 – Tiny Furniture

  1. Hey, i’m a student at Aston who has just confirmed the same placement that you are on for my third year – is there any way I can get your email address or skype so I can ask you a few questions about the whole process? Thanks, Charlie


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