Films on a Friday #47 – The One I Love

Hello there! I’m staying in the city this weekend, it’s 1am and I just got back to my hotel room so here’s this week’s Films on a Friday:

115. The One I Love
When I read the description for this, it didn’t really grab me. But it stayed in the popular section of Netflix for a week or so and eventually I gave in and decided to watch it. It was so good! Not what I expected at all. So a married couple are having problems so they get sent to a house retreat to take some time to sort out their problems. Doesn’t sound very interesting, right? But then it gets super weird! It’s not the kind of film where you expect supernatural things to happen but it does. I really don’t want to give it away so I’ll try to be vague. The plot makes you question the meaning of relationships, trust and what counts as cheating. There were many points where I was unsure of what was going on, I understood the plot but I still doubted what was happening and what was real life and what wasn’t. Very strange, very interesting and very good movie.

I hope you’re all winding down for Christmas. Universities and colleges are finished and some people (well.. my sister and friend Babs) have finished work until after Christmas which is rather nice! I’m staying in the city for the weekend before flying home on Sunday night. Not long till I’m back in the UK for Christmas! I saw The Book of Mormon on Broadway tonight and it was flippin’ hilarious, a weekend of Broadway and shopping lies ahead.  Have a good weekend everyone, safe travels to anyone else heading home over the next few days.

Sophie x


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