Films on a Friday #45 – Camp Takota

Hello everyone. It’s a busy time for students at the moment in the lead up to Christmas, but I did manage to watch a film starring some internet-famous youtubers.

113. Camp Takota
In the space of 24 hours, Elise’s life takes a massive turn for the worse when an accident in the office gets her fired from her job and she goes home to find her fiance cheating on her. Needing a change, she goes back to the camp where she used to go as a child and helps out as a camp leader with her old friends who also went to the camp. If felt very Camp Rock, in the sense that the three friends are back at camp reliving nostalgic memories and avoiding their real lives for the summer. And then, to make it even more Camp Rock, they have to save the camp or else it will shut down forever…. Dun dun dun. Camp Takota was ok, nothing special plot wise, but I liked the acting. I really like Hannah Hart on youtube so it was cool to see her in a movie rather than on youtube. Grace Helbig, another youtuber, played Elise (the main character) and Mamrie Hart played Maxine. I’ve heard people on youtube talking about this movie a lot so in a way I’m glad I finally saw it and the way it was shot was pretty cool. But at the same time nothing was particularly impressive or imaginative about the plot which made it hard to keep watching.

Have a great week, and best of luck to all the sleep-deprived students out there trying to survive finals!

Sophie x


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