Films on a Friday #43 – Free Birds

Hello there. We’ve on film 110 this week and it’s themed around Thanksgiving.

110. Free Birds
I’m not a frequent watcher of cartoons but I thought I’d give this one a try given the season and all that. It’s about a turkey who goes back in time to the very first Thanksgiving in an attempt to stop the tradition of serving a turkey at the meal each year and therefore save the turkey race from being the bird of choice at Thanksgiving each year. It was funny, silly and surprisingly witty. I think it would have been funny for a child to watch, but there were also a lot of extra bits that were funny for older audiences too. For example a little girl runs around saying “this is X, he’s going through a divorce and that’s why he’s always sad. This is X, she eats her feelings. This is X, she likes Daddy but ssshh I’m not supposed to know that.” Which is exactly how a child would say it! But it makes it very funny for an adult watching it as well as a child. It was an entertaining movie, and the animation was great. Give it a watch this Thanksgiving if you want to tie in the season with your movie watching!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Sophie x


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