Films on a Friday #42 – Girl Most Likely, Stay

Look at that! It’s a Friday and I’m actually posting Films on a Friday on the right day. Quite proud of myself for being on time.

108. Girl Most Likely
For the most part I really, really liked this film. Kristen Wiig plays Imogene, a failed playwright from New Jersey who is forced to move out of Manhattan and back in with her mother after her boyfriend breaks up with her and she loses her job. Kristen Wiig is known for playing Annie in Bridesmaid and I think both roles were hilarious, I think Wiig really has the character of the thirty-something failure down, I don’t mean that as a reflection of herself, I don’t know the woman!

So the first 90% of the movie was really good, it was funny in a depressing kind of way and it gave a really entertaining perspective of living in New York City. I feel like Imogene and her friends did the whole “fake it ’till you make it”, but her friends had made it and she was still faking it. Also, something I wasn’t expecting was that Darren Criss was in it too! I used to watch Glee before it went to Sky and think he’s a great actor/singer, so it was fun to have him pop up! For me, what killed this movie was the ending. It was just stupid! Unrelated to the story itself other than a weak link to a minor character and then it suddenly jumped (I presume) several months or maybe over a year into the future. I was so disappointed because I really liked Girl Most Likely until then and it just felt like a let down. I’d probably watch it again, but that ending was just irritatingly bad!

109. Stay
I didn’t know anything about Stay other than the one sentence summary on Netflix: “A former professor and his live-in girlfriend are forced to reevaluate their feelings about family when she discovers that she’s pregnant.” I had no idea if it was going to be a comedy or a more serious storyline. Well, know I can tell you: serious. There was another actor surprise this week, Taylor Schilling (who plays Piper from Orange is the New Black) was a main character! I love her in OITNB but haven’t seen a lot of her work so that was good. The plot was riddled with family secrets which I think they hinted at for a bit too long before finally revealing them. Also there were side-plots which I was struggling to see if they somehow explained the family secrets so that was kind of irritating. Saying that, some of the more simpler side-plots were a cute addition to Stay. It was a calmer, meaningful movie but overall it was pretty good, albeit a little slow.

Have a good weekend ladies and gents! I’m off to see Once on Broadway tomorrow, very excited.

Sophie x


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