Films on a Friday #41 – In A World…

Let’s all pretend that today is Friday for another week. Cool? Cool.

107. In A World…
I’ve watch a lot of movies in my time and have also watched a lot of movie trailers. Never did I contemplate the elite world of trying to be that guy with the deem voice and perfect diction growling into a microphone “In a world…” but this film is all about that. Well, that and also what it’s like to be the daughter of one of the voice-over legends who is talented in her own right but struggles in a male dominated industry. I really liked this movie, it was a very different plot to everything I’ve seen before and it was really entertaining. Lake Bell plays the main character Carol Soloman and holy moly she is talented. This one’s on Netflix so give it a watch if you fancy watching something a little different.

Homework and adventures are taking up more of my time than anticipated. So it takes me several days to watch a movie as it has to be done in 20 minute segments. I’ll try my beset to go back to the usual schedule though!

Sophie x


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