Films on a Friday #40 – A Long Way Down

Hello folks, boy have I been busy lately. I finally managed to finish a film today after watching it in 20 minute segments over the last few days.

106. A Long Way Down
Four strangers all have the same idea of New Year’s Eve – to commit suicide by jumping from the very same building in London. The strangers make a pact to stay alive until Valentine’s Day and the movie follows the foursome as they build relationships, break relationships and somehow push through their struggle of finding a reason to live – or at least a reason not to die. A Long Way Down is described as a black comedy. Despite the depressive plot of the film, there were scenes that contained dialogue or subtle music to give the movie a comedic edge despite how morbid the topic was. If I’m honest, it made me feel a bit uncomfortable because I wanted to feel sad but the music made me feel like it was a happy scene – very confusing but apparently it’s all part of the genre. Overall I liked this movie, it took on a topic that has been done before but focused on four different characters with very different lifestyles that helped give the movie perspective. The film never focused on each character for too long so that you became bored of them, but at the same time you felt like you knew the characters by the end of it. Weird tones to it, but a pretty good movie.

I hope you’re all having a good week. I’ll try my best to get Films on a Friday actually on a Friday this week!

Sophie x


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