Films on a Friday #39 – Liberal Arts

The latest Films on a Friday ever!! It was my birthday, therefore I don’t feel bad at all because I didn’t even have the time to watch a new film let alone blog about it. Having said that, I wish I had seen this movie sooner, it was awesome.

105. Liberal Arts
So as you may or may not remember, for my 100th film I watched happythankyoumoreplease, a film created by Josh Radnor. Well last week, his film Liberal Arts was finally released on Netflix and it was blooming incredible! All I knew of the plot beforehand was a 35 year old man visits his old college, meets a student and starts to develop feelings for her. Having watched it, it was so much more than that. It was about the college student wishing she could be 35 too and wishing she could skip the ‘getting there’ part and just wake up and be older. But later on in the film, the 35 year old wishes he could be an old man and feel like he was accomplished. And then there’s another older character who (at a guess) is around 60 who wishes he could rewind the clock a few years because he still doesn’t feel the resolve he expected to feel when he reached retirement. It also about music, film, books, poetry, a.k.a. Liberal Arts. About loving because only because you are supposed to, or hating other books because they are too mainstream, despite never reading them. It shows Radnor’s character walking around NYC whilst listening to classical music and suddenly finding it a much more beautiful, happy place.

There was one line that really struck me in the film. When talking to the 60 year old man, who I suppose was shedding some wisdom having reached retirement, he was talking about being so used to being a teacher at the same college he didn’t know how to function in the outside world, much like how a prisoner will commit a petty crime so they can go back to prison because that is what they know. Radnor’s character asked him if he viewed the college, which Radnor only had nostalgic memories, as a prison. And then the older man said:

Well, anyplace you don’t leave is a prison.

I don’t know why it struck me so much, but it really did. It made me question any nostalgic feelings I have about my hometown, I guess you have to move away at some point or else you become so you used to your surroundings, you become trapped and unable to function in any other place. In conclusion, you should watch this film. Even though it was a relatively upbeat film, it really made me think a lot afterwards, which I didn’t expect.

I hope you’re all having a good week.

Sophie x


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