Films on a Friday #35 – A Little Help

Hello folks, I hope you all had a good week.

99. A Little Help
The main reason I picked this film is because the lead character is played by Jenna Fischer. When I finished binge watching The Office, I did a little googling to see what other films and projects some of the actors had been in so I recognised this film as I was strolling through netflix. I found A Little Help to be quite odd in the the sense that I would struggle to describe the plot to anyone if they asked. It was hard to look at it and pick out a clear beginning, middle and end but that isn’t uncommon in the more indie/alternative films. I thought Jenna Fischer did a good job as the main role, at one point when she had a break down it was really intense. I wouldn’t watch A Little Help again but it was interesting to see Jenna Fischer play a diffferent to what I have seen her play previously.

Ok so I need your help. Within the next week I will achieve my New Year’s Resolution of watching 100 new films this year. I want 100 to be an awesome one. I was thinking maybe one of the classics that I’ve never seen like Annie Hall? Or maybe pick an indie one I’ve been meaning to watch like happythankyoumoreplease? Or I have seen any of the Die Hards (I don’t think) so the first Die Hard movie? Please let me know your suggestions on how I should hit my target! Comment below, message me on twitter or if you know me off of internet land, message me. Have a great weekend everyone!

Sophie x


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