Films on a Friday #34 – 22 Jump Street

Hello folks. I do apologise for the late post, I’ve been rather busy lately. On with the show..

98. 22 Jump Street
I finally got around to watching this film! The college play a movie every weekend on Friday and Saturday nights so I went along to this one because I’ve been meaning to watch it for ages, and it did not disappoint! Primarily it is a comedy but the way they tie in action and have many different themes of comedy running throughout kept me entertained for the whole film. Obviously the plot was similar to the first but I didn’t watch it for the plot so I didn’t really mind. I love the way Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum interact, I’m pretty sure Jonah Hill wrote (or co-wrote) the script which definitely helped because some of the humour was making fun of himself: such as his size or his age. Watching 22 Jump Street made me want to watch 21 again and then rewatch 22. I really enjoyed it and think you should give it a watch too!

I’m off to watch the Yankees game this afternoon. I know next to nothing about baseball so it’ll be an experience! Have a good weekend.

Sophie x


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