Films on a Friday #31 – The Rite

Hello folks. This week’s post is written from the bleachers as I watch a college soccer game, my first game since being here!

95. The Rite
So we were all crowded in one of the orientation leader’s houses and had to pick between The Rite and The Hunger Games, I’ve already seen the latter so I voted for the first. It was sooo scary. It was about a guy who was being pushed towards training to be a priest despite doubting the faith. He trains to be an exorcist and the film then follows the priest as he has to assist in exorcisms and decide whether he believes the people are really possessed by the devil or if they a re just mentally ill. It gets weird, like really weird. I’m glad I didn’t watch on my own. I thought the acting was good and the visual effects were so realistic I had to hide behind a blanket because I couldn’t watch. Walking back to my house afterwards was pretty sketchy! If you’re looking for a freaky horror that could quite possibly be real, give it a watch!

Have a great weekend everyone, I’ll be celebrating Labor Day for the first time. Can’t wait for the fireworks!

Sophie x


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