Films on a Friday #29 – Hello I Must Be Going, Gravity, Not Another Happy Ending, Law Abiding Citizen

Hello folks, I hope you’re all doing well. This week’s Films on a Friday takes us into the 90s! 

89. Hello I Must Be Going
I rather liked this film! It’s about a woman in her thirties who has recently divorced her sweetheart and is struggling to piece her life together. Based on the description I wasn’t sure if they were going to take it down the romcom route or the more meaningful route, they went for meaningful and it worked out well. It’s kind of a scary concept to be in your thirties and think you are with your life partner and then that can come to an abrupt end. Overall I liked it, it showed the protagonist trying to get back on track after her life had taken a complete turn. It didn’t make the lead character look too pathetic, but instead made you empathise with her which something films like this don’t always achieve.

90. Gravity
I wasn’t sure if I would like this film as I didn’t know how they were going to stretch the idea out for a whole film. However, I actually really liked it! I do have to say this though, I found Sandra Bullock absolutely infuriating. She just seems to be so pathetic. George Clooney was the one who knew what he was doing and had to always rescue SB whilst she panicked and flailed around, which got old very quickly. I mean, obviously the situation was terrifying but it annoyed me how she just kept fluffing things up. Like at one point she put the screwdriver down in the air and then was like “Oh crap, it’s floating away!” meanwhile we were all shouting at the TV screen like “obviously it was going to float away! Gahhh!”. Like I said, it got really annoying. The DVD came with this mini documentary about debris in space which was really interesting and added a nice sense of realism and context to the film.

91. Not Another Happy Ending
I watched a Scottish film. That’s a first. Basically a writer is under pressure to write a sequel to a very successful book but she only writes truly heartbreaking stuff when she isn’t happy. However she happens to be very happy with her life so her publisher tries to push her back towards her brooding, depressed state for her own good (and for his). It was alright, predictable story-line and a very messed up and forced French/Scottish accent from one of the main characters. I wouldn’t bother watching this again, but I guess it was alright.

92. Law Abiding Citizen
This was my favourite film this week by far. It was just so frickin good. Gerard Butler was marvellous, the plot was really clever and the script was witty. I don’t have much else to say about it other than I wish I had watched it sooner and that you should definitely give it a watch!

Have a nice weekend, I hope the sun puts his hat on for all of you.

Sophie x


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