Films on a Friday #29 – 300, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, The Machinist, Thanks For Sharing

Hello folks! I’ve watched a few manly films this week with fighting, killing and apes. There was also a fair share of emotional films to balance things out. Here’s this week’s Films on a Friday!

85. 300
THIS IS SPARTA!! I finally know where this famous line is from and I’ve added another Gerard Butler film to the list, win-win! If I’m completely honest, I didn’t really like this film. Some of the special effects reminded me of a video game and not in a good way. I don’t know if it was because I wasn’t fully focused on the film or what, but I didn’t find the plot particularly easy to understand and I lost interest in it. I only finished watching it because I was having a movie night with my brother and Dad. On the other hand, they really liked it so I guess it just wasn’t my sort of film!

86. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
A couple of weeks ago I watched the first installment to this sequel and I really enjoyed it. I’d heard mixed reviews about the sequel – some absolutely loved it whereas others found it was boring. I fell into the first category, I really enjoyed it. There were a lot of fighting scenes, which usually bores me, however they were split up with other scenes which helped to maintain my interest. There were times when I had to remind myself that the apes were created on a computer because I became really attached to some of the characters and their back stories. Overall, I’d really recommend watching this film, although give the first one a watch first so that the plot has a bit more context to it.

87. The Machinist
What a weird film. It’s that one that Christian Bale lost ridiculous amounts of weight for. They repeated the phrase “if you were any thinner you wouldn’t exist” so I thought his weight had something to do with the plot line but I didn’t feel like it was particularly significant aside from the fact that it was an element of his life that he tried to have complete control over. Over all I found The Machinist kind of creepy but go ahead and give it a watch if you want to see Christian Bale in something different.

88. Thanks For Sharing
This film was awesome! It follows several different characters as they battle sex addiction with the help of a support group, hence the title Thanks For Sharing. I felt like it opened a topic that hasn’t been explored very much before as addiction is usually associated with drink or drugs. It was refreshing to not watch another film where you are just waiting for a male/female friendship to hook up, platonic friendships do exist in film land! With Mark Ruffalo, Gwenyth Paltrow and P!nk in it I’d definitely recommend giving it a watch.

Anyways, I have a bowling match to win so have a great weekend!

[EDIT: I did abysmally at bowling but I thought it was only fair to give the others a chance 😉 ]

Sophie x


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