Films on a Friday #28 – Nesting

Hello folks, I’ve been rather busy lately so haven’t much time to watch films but I finally managed to finish one last night so here’s this week’s belated Films on a Friday.

84. Nesting
This is a film all about a thirty-something couple who visit their old neighbourhood and end up squatting in their old flat trying to recreate their lives from when they were a young, spontaneous couple. It’s plotline was based on the idea of the quarter-life crisis – when people in their twenties and thirties suddenly realise that they are no longer the fun twenty-somethings with no responsibilities they once were. There was a quote in Nesting that went something like “I’m stuck in a job I don’t like to pay for things we don’t really need.” Which was the epiphany that came towards the end of the movie. It wasn’t the most eventful film, with a pretty predictable ending and a very straight-forward story line, but there were some funny parts which made me stick it out to the end. I quite liked the style of film, occasionally it can be refreshing to watch a film where it doesn’t take a lot of effort to follow the plot.

I hope you’re all enjoying you’re weekend.

Sophie x


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