Gendered Marketing – We All Know It’s Happening

Hello folks. Recently this video popped up on my facebook newsfeed and I found it really interesting.

 Gendered Marketing – The Checkout – ABC1

It’s all about how companies release two versions of the same (or very similar) product but tailor its marketing  to the different genders to divide the market and increase sales. It’s one of those things that we all know is happening, yet it creates billions of extra revenue for companies each year.

Gendered Marketing

This is something that got me interested in studying business in the first place as you could take two rival products that are virtually the same thing but the one that is packaged and marketed more effectively can turn over incredible amounts of revenue compared to its rival. There’s always the element of ethics to consider when it comes to marketing: the customer knows that they are being targeted with the product but will still spend more for something that does a better job at convincing the customer that it is the right product for them so that the risk of buying a rubbish product (and losing out on money) is avoided.

It’s a 7 minute video with lots of examples of companies and products that have been targeted at the different genders to increase sales. Give it a watch, it might just convince you to ignore the gender-targeting and save yourself a lot of money.

Sophie x


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