Films on a Friday #26 – Love and Other Impossible Pursuits

Hello folks, a Natalie Portman film this week wooo.

81. Love and Other Impossible Pursuits
I can’t remember why I popped this onto my watch list, but I rather liked it. Natalie Portman plays the role of Emilia – a woman struggling to fit into the role of a step-mother whilst trying to overcome her own grief. In flashbacks, it shows Emilia being an assertive and ambitious business women but in the present she is depressed, tired and lonely which really showed a contrast in character.The film was slightly similar to What Maisie Knew that I watched recently in that it focuses on a child in the middle of two bickering, separated parents and the child was a lot more switched on than the parents gave them credit for.  Overall, it was an emotionally draining film but interesting to see Natalie Portman to play this kind of role.

Have a great weekend!

Sophie x


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