Films on a Friday #25 – Carrie

Hello folks, I hope you’ve all been enjoying the good weather. I’m rather sun burnt today, completely my own fault, I guess I underestimated how hot it was outside! So with a rather pink face I will go on with today’s post.

80. Carrie
What a weird film. Well it started out weird and then it just got scary. As I’ve said in a previous FOAF, I’m rather liking Chloë Grace Moretz as she gets older, I’m definitely going to make a list of the films she’s been in and watch a few more. I thought she was kind of mouthy in Kick Ass, Kick Ass 2 was an improvement and since then I’ve been really impressed with her performances. The film focuses on Carrie, a bullied teenager who discovers she has telekinesis powers. It sounds like a cheesy Disney movie but it is far from it. Julianne Moore is freakin’ creepy too, it’s unsure at first exactly who or what she is: whether she also has some kind of supernatural power or if she is just deeply religious. Overall it’s not the type of film I would typically watch but I’m glad I persevered, give it a watch!

Have a nice weekend!

Sophie x


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