Films on a Friday #24 – The Remains of the Day, What Maisie Knew, X-Men: Days of Future Past

Hello folks. I’m sorry! I got called in to work yesterday then had no time to write a post before going out. Let’s all just pretend that it’s Friday today, cool? Cool.

77. The Remains of the Day
This was released the year my best friend and I were born and I’m glad we actually sat down and watched it because it’s not one that I would usually go for. It surrounded the story of how WWII started from the perspective of the butler at Darlington Hall, he would hear glimpses of meetings and talks with international political figure heads but did his utmost to be professional and only serve his master. There were some emotional scenes in it, where we as viewers go really frustrated with Mr Stevens, who seemed to have built up this wall around his so that he could remain professional. It seemed impossible to be able to tie him down and have a proper conversation because he was always edging away claiming he was incredibly busy. I liked that it was based on real events and it’s made me consider watching more films based around WWII and other historical events.

78. What Maisie Knew
I remember researching this film so much and watching loads of interviews because it was such a different role from what I have seen Alexander Skarsgård play before. Based on the novel by Henry James, Netflix described the plot best as: “A perceptive 6-year-old girl becomes a bargaining tool when she gets caught in the midst of a toxic custody fight between her self-seeking parents.” I think this film has made it into my top-ten faves. Onata Aprile’s acting is incredible and at age only 6 I’m really curios about the films she’ll make in the future. Also, Alexander is such a cutie, it’s mad to think he filmed this in between seasons of True Blood as the characters are so different. It makes you reconsider who can be a parent to child, whether they are blood related or not.

79. X-Men: Days of Future Past
This film is so frickin’ cool. There’s one scene where everything is in slow motion and it was amazingly shot but also hilarious at the same time. The action scenes were cool, the mutant powers were cool and the funny bits were cool too. Like many of you, I love Jennifer Lawrence so seeing her, as well as loads of other awesome actors, was really fun. Also, Tyrion was in it! By Tyrion, I mean Peter Dinklage (who is an awesome actor). Aside from a couple of interviews, I’ve only ever seen him in Game of Thrones so I enjoyed watching him in a different role.

I was wondering if there was some crossover from the Iron Man 3 story line where the scientist ‘villain’ as such is pushing the research due to personal reasons. So in Iron Man 3, Aldrich Killian develops the science for the human body to regenerate and repair at a higher rate, which he uses to cure himself of his own disabilities. I was wondering if there was any significance in Trask, Dinklage’s character, being played by someone with achondroplasia because that is “caused by a gene alteration (mutation) in the FGFR3 gene”. I wondered if it was his own gene mutation, that gave him no special powers, that gave Trask  such a vendetta against the mutants in the film and therefore wanted to destroy them all. Just a theory, I’d like to know what any of you think about that.

That’s all for this week, I hope you are all enjoying the weekend!

Sophie x



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