Films on a Friday #23 – Wolf of Wall Street

Hello folks, I finally watched Wolf of Wall Street! I’ve heard that it’s not one to watch with your parents but my brother and I got it on Blu-Ray for my Dad as part of his Father’s Day present so we all sat down and watched it (in installments because it’s hella long and we started it late) and then it became number 76 on the list.

76. Wolf of Wall Street
Bearing in mind that I am a Business student, I genuinely don’t think I could cope with that kind of lifestyle! Barely ever sleeping because of the business deals and all the drugs, drink, sexand parties that come with it. It was non-stop and to think it was based on the memoirs of Jordan Belfort is crazy. I quite liked it, the acting was good and it was a really fast paced film. My brother said he found it kind of boring and I can see why he thought that because it was effectively just recounting things that happened, but the fast pace counter-acted this and kept me interested. I did a bit of googling on Jordan Belfort and found a quote from one of his motivational speeches:

“I got greedy … Greed is not good. Ambition is good, passion is good. Passion prospers. My goal is to give more than I get, that’s a sustainable form of success … Ninety-five percent of the business was legitimate … It was all brokerage firm issues. It was all legitimate, nothing to do with liquidating stocks.”

I found that pretty interesting, he was running a mostly legitimate business but it seemed like his greed drove him to doing illegal activities. It makes you wonder where he could be if he wasn’t so driven by greed.

That’s all for this week folks, have a great weekend!

Sophie x


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