Livin’ on a Prayer – A List of Lasts

Hello folks, I’m half way there! I have completed two years of my degree, meaning I have 50% of a Bsc in Business and Management. These last few weeks I have been doing a lot of things for the last time before I begin my placement at Marist College in just over two months.

My Last Lecture
Just before Easter I went to my last lecture and last seminar at Aston until I’m in my final year! The teaching style at Marist is supposed to be quite different, with smaller groups being the biggest difference, I much prefer uni when we’re in smaller groups so I’m rather looking forward to it!

My Last Exam
I sat six exams this summer and I completed my final last week. Freedom tastes so sweet! I feel like I celebrated well with a trip to Alton Towers, a house party, a trip to Harry Potter Studio tour and many other things!

My Last Piece of Coursework
Whilst I do not want to dwell on those horrific two weeks where it felt like every deadline happened at once, I am happy to add the fact that I did it to my list. I picked up my last piece of coursework from second year yesterday and I was rather happy with the result so that was a nice way to end the year.

Came Back to Uni After a Break for the Last Time
After my first five exams, I had a 2.5 week break so I went back home for a while and also visited my friend and brother at their respective uni’s. It will be weird next year when I won’t be able to visit my friends or siblings because I’ll be the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Coming back to uni knowing it will be the last time in over a year was a bizarre feeling too, exciting times ahead!

Gave Blood and Left The Interval Study
I’ve been giving blood for a few years now and last year I was asked to become part of the interval study run by Oxford and Cambridge University. Basically most people give blood every 16 weeks, but they are running a study with loads of people each giving blood at 12, 14 or 16 week intervals and then doing science-y thing to test if the body can cope with it. I’ve been on the 14 week interval study for over a year now and I’m gutted I have to drop out but unfortunately the week after I fly to New York, I’m due to give blood again so I can’t be a part of the study any more. I felt truly guilty, but I’ll try my best to give my 12th pint at Christmas.

Saw My Housemates for the Last Time
I moved out at the weekend and said goodbye to most of my housemates then. I went to London yesterday and said goodbye to the final too then as they got the train back to Birmingham and I went back to Basingstoke – not gonna lie, it was rather sad! We’ve agreed on doing google hangouts, trying to align everyone’s time zones and when people are free is going to be a challenge but we’ll try our best!

And many more…
I have now moved out of my house in Birmingham, most of my housemates have moved out too and now the countdown to New York has truly begin. Soon I’ll have to cancel my phone contract and LoveFilm account and get everything set ready to move to America. It’s all starting to feel real now!

Best of luck to all of you still battling through exams, you’ll be free soon!

Sophie x


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