Films on a Friday #21 – Young Adult, A.C.O.D, Prometheus

Hello folks! We’re into the 70s now, not long till the big 100! I spent a few days down south this week at my friend’s uni in Southampton and then my brother’s in Bournemouth. I’ve been going along to these end of exams celebrations like I’ve finished my exams too – nope! Still got one more left! Not long till I can be as free as my friends. But for now, here is the second to last Films on a Friday whilst I’m a second year student.

72. Young Adult
What an uncomfortable film. Also the cover art on Netflix is the most inappropriate artworks out there; it suggests a rom-com when it couldn’t be farther from it. A divorced woman, Mavis, receives an email from an old fame from back when she was in her teens announcing the birth of his daughter. Mavis, a successful but lonely writer, returns to her home town to try to win back her ex. Once the popular, school bully she ends up befriending one of the guys that was constantly picked on in school; and she comes across drunk and desperate whilst trying to win back her ex. The movie paints a depressing picture of how some people feel like they peak at high school and in their early twenties but inevitably go through the rest of their life trying to get back what once had – and the older you get the more desperate you seem. It was quite a scary view on how you can be a successful, career-driven woman who ditches her hometown but when you come back single and all of your school friends are married and settled down, you appear the unsuccessful one. It really made me reflect on my own life goals and where I want to be in 10 or 20 years.

73. A.C.O.D
Adult Children Of Divorce. This movie is all about what it says in the title. With so many studies focusing on children whose parents are divorced, there is not a lot of research about how divorce affects these children once they grow up into adults. On average. one out of every two marriages ends in divorce and there has been a culture shift of children growing up with just on parent or two parents but in separate homes. I’ve never seen a film that focuses on this before, it is normally focused on the break up of a marriage, but never the after-math of it and how the children tend to behave more maturely than their divorced parents.

74. Prometheus
This film is all kinds of grim. I’m not one for films with creepy deaths and aliens etc. I’m fine with blood in real life but some film-makers take it to the point where I just can’t look at the screen (Game of Thrones is particularly guilty of this – but it’s still brilliant!) I watched Prometheus with my brother and his flatmates, one of whom is a bit of a film nerd and had lots of trivia about the film (and helped me to understand the plot line too). It was all about a team of people exploring space and plays of the story of the God Prometheus, who got punished for wanting to know too much (credit to my brother’s flatmate for that piece of trivia) which I thought was really clever. Whilst it’s not the type of film I would usually go for, it certainly made a gruesome refreshing change to the norm. Some parts were too gory for my liking but it made the film shocking. It helped that we were all laughing at some parts that verged on the ridiculous to try to lighten the mood and distract ourselves from the gore on the screens.

And there you have it. I hope you all enjoy your weekend.

Sophie x




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