Films on a Friday #20 – Won’t Back Down, Something Borrowed, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Dan in Real Life

Hello folks! The twentieth Films on a Friday – what a treat! I’m back at home for a couple of weeks and with only one exam left I have had a lot more time to relax and revise; and of course, watch films!

68. Won’t Back Down
This film is about a school that is failing; a mum and a teacher work to bring revolution but if they are to do that then they must first overcome all of the barriers in the way. It stars Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis and I though their acting was strong. As there weren’t many main characters, you got to know their back stories quite well. I found Holly Hunter’s character really irritating – I’m not sure if it was the character, the script or the acting; but that was definitely my least favourite part of the film. I enjoyed Won’t Back Down – there’s nothing like a film with a heartfelt message to not accept the status quo.

69. Something Borrowed
I’m a massive fan of the US version of The Office and as part of coming to terms with nearing the end of the final series, I did some background research on some of my favourite actors. Something Borrowed stars John Krasinski, who plays Jim in The Office, and I actually really liked it! Based on a set of childhood best friends, the whole film is a mis-match of people liking different people regardless of being in relationships. The biggest theme was being too scared to be honest with your close friends about your true feelings or things you have done. It was a pretty good film! I genuinely didn’t know who was going to end up with who so it kept me watching.

70. The Lost World: Jurassic Park
I finally watched the second installment of Jurassic Park! The first one came out the year I was born, 1993, and I remember watching it when I was really young and being terrified by the scene were they’re hiding in the kitchen. Anyways, after my ordeal with the first film I never gave much thought to ever bothering with Jurassic Park again. But I did! It was on the telly box so I watched it with my Dad and I really enjoyed it. Considering it was released in 1997, the special effects were actually pretty good. The one thing that really aggravated me was how sometimes the females were portrayed as being helpless damsels in distress; it’s one of the reasons I don’t watch many action films because it gets so boring and irritating to watch a girl scream and writhe around whilst waiting for a man to save her. Ughh it’s been done so many times. Anyway, other than that I rather liked it and would recommend it to anyone wanting to see some Spielberg action.

71. Dan in Real Life
Steve Carell is so flipping adorable. I’ve finished The Office (I cried so hard) and needed some Steve Carell in my life so I gave this film a try. Before The Office I thought Carell only ever played stupid, verging on irritating, characters but there’s actually so much more depth to some of the roles he takes on. Dan, played by Carell, is a widowed father-of-three who meets a woman who he thinks could be the one – but he later finds out she is the girlfriend of his brother. The majority of the film is set in a rustic family home in rainy Boston where the whole family go to stay at Dan’s house, but when his brother brings his girlfriend too that’s when things get awkward. Dan comes across as a lonely widow who is struggling to do right by his daughters whilst struggling to do things for himself as well – in both his love life and his career. It is a messy, lonely and heartwarming film and I really enjoyed it.

And that’s all for this week! Can’t believe I only have 29 left to reach my target. I’m thinking of trying to achieve it before I go to America, I’d say that’s achievable? Let’s see how that goes. I hope you all have a great week!

Sophie x


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