Films on a Friday #19 – Bad Neighbors

Hello folks! This week I went to the cinema with a couple of friends to watch Bad Neighbors and it was just what I needed. I’d just sat 5 exams in 9 days and needed something to make me laugh, and it cheered me right up!

67. Bad Neighbors
This film is hilarious and you should go see it right now. To put it into context, the only times I can remember laughing so hard at a film were We’re The Millers and Bridesmaids; and those are hard films to match. Seth Rogan, Zac Efron, Rose Byrne, Dave Franco, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and of course ‘AssJuice’ played by Craig Roberts. That, plus a hilarious script and you’re all set for a great movie so if you want cheering up, pop along to the cinema and give this film a watch! And can I just say, those frat parties (which I can only presume are completely realistic) are sure making me excited for college…

I hope you all enjoy the long weekend ahead of us, I’ve got a bit more time on my hands now so film recommendations are always welcome!

Sophie x


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