3 Months till NY!


Hello folks! It’s the 18th of May today which means it is exactly 3 months ’till I fly out to New York! I’m so excited it still doesn’t feel completely real.


Over Easter I received a FedEx containing my visa documentation so I’m all set to make a visit to the US Embassy to get that signed off. It also contained an orientation pack so it’s starting to feel a bit more real now. I also booked my flights during Easter. My Dad has never been to America before so we’re both going to be staying in NYC for a week and then heading up to Poughkeepsie all set for move in day! Our hotel is next door so Carnegie Hall so really close to Central Park and all that area.

It’s a beautiful day here in Birmingham but I’m inside revising for my fourth exam tomorrow, knowing that Marist is only 3 months away definitely makes me think this is all worth it because being at Aston University means I get to spend a year in America!

Sam, an Aston student currently on the placement I’ll be doing, added me to the facebook page Marist Class of 2018 so I’ve been talking to a lot of Americans who will be freshman starting this year at Marist College. They’ve all been really friendly and have been more than happy to explain a couple of words I didn’t understand (crew means rowing apparently!). Talking to them online obviously means I can’t hear their accents. I’m really curious as to what it will feel like to be completely surrounded by people who come from a different country to me. One way to find out!

All of my housemates have their placements secured now, we’ll be scattered across Birmingham, Derby, Madrid, Seville, Montpellier and New York – how exotic! I bet these three months will fly by.

Sophie x


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