Films on a Friday #18 – Fierce People and The Giant Mechanical Man

Hello folks, I hope you’re all well. I put off writing this weeks FoaF because I thought I hadn’t watched any films so I was trying to cram one in But then I turned on my laptop and saw on my list that I had watched one – Fierce People!

65. Fierce People
I had this film on my LoveFilm list and couldn’t remember for the life of me why I picked it. Then, lo and behold, baby K Stew pops up! Ahh so that’s why I put it on my watch list way back when I set up my LoveFilm account. It’s about a teenage boy and his Mum who go to stay with a rich family friend after getting into trouble with the police. It then examines how the rich family all interacts by comparing it to how a tribe works. I thought it would be a lighthearted family film but it was actually kind of messed up. I found some parts really disturbing because they were in the middle of an otherwise lighthearted film. I don’t know if that was intentional to create an effect or not, but either way it was definitely shocking. I don’t think I’d watch again but it was definitely interesting. On a finishing note, as well as baby Kristen Stewart, there was also a baby Chris Evans and Anton Yelchin who I have seen other films too, I don’t why but I always get a little buzz when a familiar actor pops up in films and I can actually place them.

66. The Giant Mechanical Man
This is a film about people in their 30s not achieving what society thinks they should be achieving. Set in the winter in New York, two main character have no real career behind them and no long-term relationship. The message behind the movie is if you don’t have a career or a long-term relationship then what’s the point? It was a really interesting, with common quotes along the lines of “You need a sense of accomplishment, Janice.” Self-help guides and loneliness are featured heavily and it made me so happy in one of the final scenes when Janice finally stands up to her apparently ‘accomplished’ sister. ‘I don’t want what you want.’ And that’s ok. And that is what this movie is really trying to say.


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