I got 100%!

…in attendance for Market Research tutorials. But! Whilst I may struggle with academic writing, at least I can turn up to things, right? Right?! As sad as it sounds, it actually made me really happy to get a good percentage, even if it was just for turning up to everything. Small victories I suppose! I really like how that module has been examined – where there is a tiny percentage of extra credit available for those who bother to turn up to things, as well as class tests, coursework and a final exam. So much better than one massive exam at the end of a module, where if you are having a bad day it could jeopardize your grade for the entire module – such silliness!

On a more serious note, I’m in the middle of the exams period at the moment. I had my first on Monday and a week today I will have done my first 5. They haven’t been marvelously scheduled, the exams period lasts 5 weeks and my exams span for 5 weeks. However I have my first 5 in the space of a week and a half, then a two and a half week gap then I finally have my last exam before finishing for summer on the 9th of June. Lame.

Ah well. Something else I have been doing recently is watching The Office (US version). My housemates and I started watching it before Easter, but I came back and was really behind – one had even finished all 9 seasons over the Easter break! So to incentivize getting up at a semi-decent hour I watch a couple of episodes whilst getting ready to do some work and then watch some more if I meet my revision goal. Like I said, small victories..

I promise in about a month’s time, my life will become a whole lot more exciting once exams are over and the count down to America begins!

How do you reward yourself for getting revision/jobs done?

Sophie x


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