Films on a Friday #17 – Chaplin, Pompeii, Hotel Transylvania

Hello folks, I hope you’re all having a good week. I went back to uni this week, I haven’t had any lectures but came back to revise and to see my housemates so I’ve had plenty to do. My Dad stayed with me for three nights which I really enjoyed, it was a shame to see him go today but there’s not much left of my second year of uni! Three films this week, one older than me, one I saw in the cinema and one:

62. Chaplin
Ever since I became interested in Robert Downey Jr and his acting career, I had seen his performance in Chaplin be mentioned countless times. This week I finally got around to watching it with my Dad and it was so interesting! I had a very, very vague idea of who Charlie Chaplin was before watching this film, and that mainly routed from the dress-up opportunity in Madame Tussuads where you can put on the hat and use the cane to pose as the Tramp! It shows Chaplin from childhood right up until the year before he died where he received the BAFTA Academy Fellowship Award (a lifetime achievement award). I love a good biopic, especially the ones that show a really honest portrayal of person. Chaplin, the film, showed the successes of Charlie Chaplin’s career as well as the sacrifices that were made because of his excessive need to make a meaningful but successful film. Although the film was released over 20 years ago, the story-telling is incredible and Downey’s acting is noteworthy too – I’d highly recommend it.

63. Pompeii
John Snuuuuuugh. No but seriously, Kit Harrington! Yes he was the main reason I agreed to watch this with my Dad, but I only really saw him for the character when I was watching it – not the beautiful actor Harrington or the bastard son of Ned Stark. I saw Pompeii in 3D, the first time I’d seen a film in 3D in ages. The 3D effects were pretty understated which made them more effective in my opinion. Sometimes if 3D films have things flying at you every 10 seconds, the effect becomes less and less shocking as the film progressives. But this film used it to give the picture some depth, making it feel incredibly real – so well done Mr Film Makers! The beginning and ending tied in really well, which I really liked (the filming and editing more than the plotline (which was incredibly over-sweet)). I would explain it to you but it would lose its effects so you’ll just have to see it! There was character development and heart-felt stuff which I liked, and lots and lots of fighting which kept my Dad entertained (and I quite liked it too actually!) I’m not so much of a fan of shooting films, so this sword-fighting heavy film was much more interesting for me, the skill in some of the fighting was crazy. Overall a very good film. Team #Matticus (I’m a loser…)

64. Hotel Transylvania
And finally, the animation. My housemate put this on and I thought it would be just another kids film but it was surprisingly funny. There’s not a lot to write about it so I’ll just say it was an easy watch and very funny for kids and older viewers too!

That’s all folks. Feel to tweet (@sophieredgell) or comment any film suggestions. Have a great weekend!

Sophie x


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