“I love you, but you’re the weirdest student I know.”

Hello folks, I hope you’re all well. Student loans came in a couple of days ago and what a glorious feeling that was! I’ve been working hard to put as much of my loan into my USA savings so that is looking considerably more healthy now after erecently taking a dent from concerts tickets. To celebrate, I went for dinner and drinks with some friends on Friday night then on Saturday I had lunch my brother, sister and cousin and then did a little bit of shopping after.

The context behind this blog’s title came when I spotted Whittard had a little sale on their chai latte, so I splurged and bought all 3 types of chai latte they had on sale – Vanilla, Spiced and Chocolate. At £2 a tub instead of £4.50 it felt like a great way to treat myself with my student loan coming in. I walked out with a grin on my face and my cousin called me the weirdest student she knows for spending my student loan on chai rather than other more student-like things! I’ve had the vanilla before and I tried the chocolate yesterday which was really nice, I’m yet to try the spiced one yet though so hopefully that’s just as good.Image

What do you treat yourself to on payday or when your student finance comes in?

Sophie x


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