Films on a Friday #14

Hello folks! Two thought-provoking films on the agenda this week. If any of you have seen either of them I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts. Also, this week’s Film on a Friday is a very Gerard Butler heavy post, it’s no secret I’m a bit of a fan!

57. Olympus Has Fallen
Gerard Butler is an ex-security guard who used to work closely with the President and his family until a fatal accident occurs. Years later, the Whitehouse has been invaded by North Korean fighters who attempt to take of nuclear bombs that could potentially kill the entire population of the United States and more. It gets incredibly close and, whilst I will not disclose the ending to protect anyone intending to watch it against spoilers, it really makes you think about how vulnerable war and nuclear weapons can make the world’s population. I remember studying The Cold War in GCSE history where (from what I can remember) it was by and large everyone with their weapons poised ready to attack but not a huge amount of actual fighting. It was the potential of attack that scared people into submission. Without getting too philosophical, I wonder if the world will ever change from this state thanks to the creation of nuclear weapons.

58. Machine Gun Preacher
It was quite a heavy afternoon of films with numbers 57 & 58 tackling world issues, but I enjoyed it nevertheless! This was another Gerard Butler film, with Butler playing the protagonist, Sam Childers: an ex-drug addict who, upon his release from prison, finds God through the help of his girlfriend and enters into the world of being a missionary in South Sudan. Butler struggles to find a balance between his life at home and the tragic issues in South Sudan. This was another thought provoking film that really made me think about how quickly life can end as children are murdered as they get mixed up in the war. It made issues such as Childers’ daughter’s prom seem trivial in comparison to the warzone the children in South Sudan are enveloped in. The most interesting point of the film was that it was based on the true story of Sam Childers who raised an interesting point in the end credits:
“Everyone that has a child or everyone that has a brother or sister. If your child or family member was abducted today and If I (Sam) came upto you and say, I can bring your child home. Does it matter how I bring him home.”
A very thought provoking quote to leave the audience with; and also explains the title Machine Gun Preacher.

So! That’s this week’s Film’s on a Friday. I write this as I’m watching Hard Candy – an old fave of mine. I hope you’re all having a good week!

Sophie x


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