Films on a Friday #13

Hello folks, I finally watched Frozen! 3 deadlines, 1 presentation and 1 exam (all in the space of 6 days!) over and I am home for Easter for the next 3 weeks. My brother’s Easter break started today too so we picked him up this evening and, as promised, we watched Frozen! So here you have it, number 56:

56. Frozen
What a film! It finished and I wanted to watch it again. Not gonna lie, I was a little worried it had been overhyped and I would be disappointed but I’m pleased to announce that this was not the case. The storyline was really good and the songs were just glorious. It was a Disney film so it’s going to be heartfelt, but it wasn’t too over top and the comedic character of snowman certainly lightened the mood.

As a side note, I’d heard a few of the songs before through youtube/spotify so it was good to have some context for them. Overall, I really enjoyed this film, people of all ages should give it a watch.

That’s all for now, have a good weekend!

Sophie x


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