Doing Uni Steve Jobs Style

Hello folks!

When Steve Jobs was at college, he used to skip most of his classes and instead would attend classes from other courses that he found interesting. These were usually creative courses like Design and Caligraphy – it was from this that we were given the neat writing and design of Apple products. In fact, he later said “If I had never dropped in on that single caligraphy course in college, the Mac would have never had multiple typefaces or proportionally spaced fonts.” Pretty cool, huh?

Whilst I am no Steve Jobs, today I went into uni early with my housemates and had an hour to killso I sat in on their lecture to pass the time. They are all psychology students and it was a lecture about Developmental Psychology, this particular lecture looked at where aggression stemmed from. It was really interesting! The lecturer was really good and made it easy to understand, and there was a lot of theory in there without having to bust your brain trying to understand it all. As it was something new to learn about (and a refreshing change from business) I found myself concentrating really hard to take in everything being said by the lecturer. In a way I wish it was earlier in on the term so I could always fill my Thursday 2-3pm free with Developmental Psychology.

So that was something I did today that was different from my regular Thursday. I’d love to hear about if any of you guys have sat in on another course’s lecture so go ahead and comment below or tweet me at @sophieredgell.

I hope you’re all having a fabulous day!

Sophie x


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