Films on a Friday #10

Hello folks!

I’ve been a busy bee this week so only 1 film to talk about today, but it sure was an interesting one!

52. Sleuth
So the main characters are played by Jude Law and Michael Caine and the main thing you should know is it’s so weird! It’s all shot in one house and is a long exchange between Michael Caine’s character and Jude Law. Caine is separated from his wife and Law is dating her, Law visits Caine to ask him to sign the divorce papers so is able to marry her. There’s a lot of hypothetical (and sometimes violent) game playing which gets incredibly dramatic at points, especially when you’re trying to work out what the eff is going on…

This film is a remake of one made back in the 70’s and in the earlier version, Michael Caine played the younger man. However in this remake Caine takes on the role of the older man whilst Law takes on the younger role that Caine previously played. Interesting! I liked this film, give it a go if you fancy something different!

I hope you lot are all doing well, film suggestions are always welcome!

Sophie x


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