Films on a Friday #9

Hello folks, how’s it going? After last week’s mega Films on a Friday, this week I’ve chilled out a bit and just watched 3 films compared to last week’s 10.

49. Playing for Keeps
A film about a let-down Dad who comes back into his son’s and ex-wife’s life and tries to be a half-decent father. It was alright, some parts were quite funny. Very predictable but I guessed that much from the trailer so it wasn’t too annoying. As much as I sound like a teenage girl, I do like a film with Gerald Butler in it so that was a definite good point.

50. Slightly Single in L.A.
This is a film about a girl who is living in L.A. who always dates guys who never want proper relationship. I think it was the Americans’ attempts at sarcasm as there were characters who were meant to be wanna-be actresses played by unknown actresses… so they are laughing at themselves? Maybe? I’m really not sure. But it wasn’t too bad, wouldn’t watch it again but yeah it was ok. Just.

51. Derby Stallion
Baby Zac Efron! Yes that is the only reason I picked this film. Bite me. It was released in 2005 and is about a teenage boy who doesn’t know what to do with his life and then befriends a man who owns a stables and learns to ride. The story line wasn’t mind-blowing but the acting was mostly pretty good. Zac was a cutie so I was happy! (Easily pleased..? haha)

And there you have it. Feel free to pop any film suggestions in the comments or tweet me at @sophieredgell. Have a smashing weekend!

Sophie x


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