Films on a Friday #8

Hello folks,

I hope you’re all well. It’s been another week of uni work and getting together paperwork for my placement for me. Last weekend most of my housemates went home for the weekend so I went to a house party and then spent the rest of the weekend watching a butt-load of films, so this week’s Films on a Friday is a big one!

40. The Host
I read The Host on holiday a few years ago and as the cover was black and I read it non-stop in the sun, it actually melted and I had to put it in the fridge to cool down before I could read it some more. I quite liked the film. I felt they explained the whole ‘host’ thing quite well and it was quite similar to the book in a lot of aspects. There were some bits in the books that in text form felt really long – for example when Melanie walks across the desert – that felt slightly rushed but I guess it had to be done to fit within a reasonable length film. I’d recommend this film – it was interesting to see a take on other life forms/aliens that wasn’t just really evil or gorey.

41. Stuck In Love
Stuck In Love is about a family who are struggling to come to terms with divorce and move forward from it. I thought the acting was good, although some of the plot lines felt pretty exaggerated and unrealistic, overall I’d say it was pretty good.

42. Drinking Buddies
A film with Jake Johnson! I really liked this film, I believe it was an independent one, at times the acting made it feel more like a fly-on-the-wall documentary which I liked. Some good acting, the plot wasn’t too outrageous so it had a proper realistic, honest feel to it. Give it a watch!

43. October Baby
No. Just no. I didn’t realise until after that this film was categorised in “faith and spiritually” as I only read the short pop-up description on Netflix. It is basically a film preaching against abortion. Don’t waste your time watching this one.

44. L!fe Happens
I really liked this! It has two of the main characters from 2 Broke Girls in it (which I don’t religiously watch but have seen the odd episode with my brother) and is about two friends who both need a condom but there is only one left and pregnancy ensues… It was a funny and entertaining watch, I felt it gave a nice representation of young mothers who are struggling to adapt to their new life. I’d recommend this film.

45. Not Suitable For Children
This has the actor Ryan Kwanten who plays Jason in True Blood (any fellow fans out there?). I really liked it! Jonah is a party boy who finds out he has one month until he becomes infertile so he spends it trying to find a way to have children before he no longer has the ability to. It was quite refreshing watching an Australian film, I haven’t seen many, I’ll definitely be checking out more.

46. Safe Haven
I liked this one. It is about a young girl who is running away from her past life but not for the reasons the audience is led to believe. Some nice acting, give it a watch it was pretty good.

47. Her
I saw this film in The Electic Cinema – the oldest working cinema in the UK – and I loved it! Very funny at some points but also really depressing at others. It made me question the modern day’s relationship with technology. I’d really recommend this one.

48. X2
Yep, another X-Men film. It was good – although I have to admit I liked some of the others better. It was fun to watch having watch X-Men Origins Wolverine as I was able to understand a lot more. Give it a watch – even if it is just to complete the X-Men set.

49. Hoot
Probably aimed at a younger audience, I watched it for Logan Lerman. It was alright, like I said it wasn’t really aimed at me. I wouldn’t bother watching again but maybe younger viewers would enjoy it more.

And there you have it! Have a fabulous weekend and feel to suggest some films for me in the comments or on twitter @sophieredgell.

Sophie x


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