‘Beat the rest, be the best, do a placement abroad.’ International Placement Talk

When I received my placement offer to study at Marist College , I was invited along to a ‘Beat the rest, be the best, do a placement abroad.’ talk with the International Placements Team which I went along to yesterday. I was really surprised by how interesting it was. From all of my experiences with the international team at Aston, they come across as a really lively, helpful bunch of people who will try their hardest to help you get to where you want to be.

The event was basically a combination of short talks from different people who gave us tips and tricks relevant to the specific countries where they have lived, worked, studied or travelled in. Something I have definitely learned since researching about living in another country is that there is only so much you can learn from websites – the real information comes from talking to as many people as you can about the place you will be living in order to get real advice.

Although I won’t be moving to a lot of the countries that were spoken about, it got me so excited to be travelling and got me thinking about the possibilities of places I could go to in the future. They spoke about how everything revolves around food in Spain and France, and how popular gnomes are in Germany. The German ‘pfand’ concept seemed really interesting – where you pay tax on the bottles you buy but if you return them it will be refunded to you – I wonder if the UK would ever employ such a concept. Australia looks incredible, I’m definitely going to have to do some travelling around there at some point in my life.

Overall, whilst I wouldn’t say going abroad makes you ‘be the best’, from hearing about everyone’s experiences it looks like it’s the perfect opportunity to develop as a person, become more confident and independent, and of course – see the world.

Sophie x


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