Films on a Friday #6

Hello folks! I hope you’re all well. I went to the cinema this week with my housemates to see the Lego Movie and it was brilliant! Highly recommend that one. Anyway, on with the show…

35. Breathe In
This film is about an English exchange who lives with a family in upstate New York, which all sounds very similar to what I’ll be doing, and after watching it for a few minutes I found out her name was Sophie too! It was a pretty good film, not a great deal happens if I’m honest; I liked the characters, I just wished we got to know them a little better. I wanted to watch this film because, as I said earlier, it sounded pretty similar to what I’ll be doing in from August this year (English exchange student in upstate New York) and also because it had Felicity Jones in it (who happened to play an English exchange student in a film I mentioned a few weeks ago called Like Crazy). I wouldn’t mind watching it again, but I won’t be raving about it to all of my friends.

36. The Switch
I swear there are so many films with Jennifer Aniston on Netflix – I’m not complaining though! The Switch is a film about Kassie who, worried about her age, decides to have  a child despite being single and so uses a sperm donor and decides to go it alone. There were parts of the film that were really funny; I found it to be a nice, easy-to-watch film. It won’t blow you away, but I would recommend The Switch if you want a little chuckle.

37. The Lego Movie

No but seriously, I loved it. I hadn’t seen a full trailer for it beforehand so I didn’t know what to expect but it was action-packed and hilarious. The graphics were incredible, the jokes were brilliant and it seemed as though there was something for everyone in there. Pop along to your local cinema and check it out, you won’t regret it!

That’s all for this week folks! Like always, film recommendations are always welcome.

Have a great weekend!

Sophie x


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