Films on a Friday #3

Hello folks!

It’s that time again! I’ve had a busy but boring week of coursework so I haven’t watched that many films, so this week’s Films on a Friday will be kept short and sweet.

22. Tangled
I honestly have no idea why I waited so long to see this film, I really enjoyed it! As any Disney musical films go there were lots of cute songs, cute moments and colourful scenes. But I found this film really funny too, and one point I even cried. Yeah. I’d definitely recommend this as a fun, easy watch – especially if you like happy endings.

23. Four Single Fathers
Set in New York and Rome, this film is all about four Italian single fathers and looks at the relationships – or lack of – with the mothers of their children. It was one of those films where you initially see four different story lines and by the end of the film all of the storylines intertwine. I really like that style of film, they tend to be a mixture of humour and grittyness so all in all it made for an entertaining watch. I felt it challenged the idea of “staying together for the kids” and whether it is best to work at a marriage or if you do, you are just forcing yourself to be unhappy for the sake of not being “separated parents”.

24. The Words
This was an incredible film, I thought the trailer had pretty much revealed all that there is to know about the film but there is so much more to it than that! The acting was fabulous and the plot was even fabulous-er. On a side note, I had a thought earlier.. Considering how pretty Bradley Cooper is, he sure does pick some amazing scripts! He could easily stick to rom-coms playing the beautiful male lead but having seen more and more of his stuff I’m really impressed!

25. Memoirs of a Geisha
I’m sure everyone has heard of this one, and maybe everyone has seen it too but I finally got around to seeing it and it was really interesting. I believe it is an American film adaptation of the original book, so I wonder what the opinions are of people who have read the book too (please comment below if that applies to you). After a quick google and a couple of questions every now and then I understood the plot-line, so for a very gritty and disturbing film it was fairly easy to follow meaning you could easily get wrapped up in the story line.

At that’s about it on the film front! I said it was a short one.. I watched a series called The Fosters which is on US Netflix this week which was recommended to me by my friend, Phoebe. It was really good! The second series is currently being shown in the US now so there will probably be quite a wait to see the second series… I’ll have to fill my time with some other series and films!

As always, let me know if you have any film recommendations. What have you been watching recently?

Sophie x


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