Films on a Friday #1

Hello! I can happily announce that I have finished my exams and for the next few days I am a free as a bird. So without further ado, introducing…

Films on a Friday

So as you may know, I love watching films. For the past 3 years I have set myself the New Year’s Resolution of watching 100 new films a year which you can read about HERE. I keep myself pretty organised by writing it all on a spreadsheet (too cool, I know) and I am going to start writing about the films I have watched over the week. So to kick things off, here’s a bumper post of the last couple of weeks to bring us up to date!

1. The Boat That Rocked
This was a fun film with lots of music. It was interesting to see all of the outfits that were worn back in 1966 and the introduction of rock music on the radio. It’s crazy to think how censored the media was back then and how much freedom there is now, any old person can create a blog/radio show/podcast.

2. RED 2
Having watched the first one with my family, we all sat down and watched this together and found it to be the perfect mix of tension, action and humour. Bruce Willis and John Malkovich made the filled the film with dry humour that lasted and was spiced up by the odd scenes featuring Helen Mirren. If I’m honest, I found Mary-Louise Parker’s role a bit annoying, but I think that was more the script than the actress – I guess I’m just tired of girls being portrayed as feeble in the majority of action films. Lee Byung-hun made a really good villian and his fight seen was amazing, I just had a quick nose on his wiki page and he’s 43! Very impressive.

3. Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist
Now I don’t know about you, but I love a good Michael Cera film. You may have seen from some on my other blog posts that I’m applying for a placement in upstate New York and I’d love to have some nights like this in NYC. It made me laugh out loud and the music choices were awesome. It was also very refreshing to have the main characters not being too overly cheesy AND to have teenagers prefer being sober and talk about music on their night out. Since watching this I’ve been looking up Kat Dennings on Netflix and will definitely watch some more of her stuff.

4. The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug
Holy moly mother of Smaug. This was the first film I’ve seen in the cinema this year and it was incredible. I’ve watched all of the Lord of the Rings and really enjoyed them but something I’ve noticed with the Hobbit films is that there is a lot more humour in them and I really like the extra one-liners and funny looks. I don’t want to spoil anything as it is still in cinemas, but there was a slight hint of a romance that I found kind of unnecessary (and my housemates have told me that it wasn’t in the books so would have been written in for the films) but who knows, maybe it is has relevance in the third film. We’ll have to wait and see!

5. Rapture-Palooza
I found this film on Netflix whilst searching Anna Kendrick (if you haven’t seen Pitch Perfect I highly suggest you watch it) and it was interesting.. I found some parts quite funny and others a bit dull. It’s all based around a rapture where all the people who believe have been sent to heaven and all those do not believe are left behind, and Anna Kendrick and her BF must defeat the anti-christ. I thought there were some quirky bits that were quite funny but I won’t be watching it again.

6. Like Crazy
Surprise surprise, I’m on the Jennifer Lawrence hype. I’ve seen quite a few of her films now and this was next on my list. Her performance was really good but the part I enjoyed the most was the storyline between the main characters Jacob and Anna. It is based on the two characters falling in love and trying to make it work long-distance. At times it was really sad and others were really cute and funny. It was a romantic film without the cheesiness. So all in all, I picked this film for J-Law and was really surprised by how much I got wrapped up in the story!

7. Celeste and Jesse Forever
I was a bit skeptical about this film as I wasn’t sure how Andy Samberg would stand up in a more serious role. But in fact the funnier role was played by his ex Celeste (Rashida Jones) and I will definitely look up more of her films in the future. It was a sweet film, with Celeste portraying her inability to move on in a funny way rather than a whiny direction this film could have taken based on the written synopsis. Sad films have their time and place but I was in the mood for a funny film and this film had all of that with dashes of seriousness to keep the plot-line moving. I’m glad I stumbled across this film.

8. The House Bunny
Remember earlier I said I was going to check out more Kat Dennings films? Well I did, in the form of this Rom-Com starring Anna Farris, Emma Stone and produced by Adam Sandler. The producer gives you an idea of the kind of humour featured in this film and if you want a light-hearted, easy to follow rom-com then this one isn’t a bad choice.

9. Drive
I’ll be honest, I mainly picked this film out because of the beautiful Ryan Gosling (and the synopsis looked pretty good too). The car chase scenes were awesome and Gosling has this ability to make a scene really intriguing without saying much, if that makes any sense? I lent this film to my Dad afterwards and at the half-way point he wasn’t particularly impressed but as the story develops there is a lot more action and he liked it a lot more. So it was suitable for me – who likes more talky scenes with a bit of chasing and my dad – who likes more chase scenes with a bit of talking. So yeah! Good film, pretty shocking ending.

10. Gambit
So this film has Colin Firth, Alan Rickman and Cameron Diaz and the trailer looked pretty funny. But after watching it, I just thought it was ridiculous. I didn’t find it funny and thought all three actors had done far better roles. It’s not that they didn’t suit comedy, because they’ve all been in comedies before, I think it was the script that I didn’t like.

11. Dr Seuss’ The Lorax
I’ve been meaning to watch this film for a while and it was brilliant! Yes it’s a kids film but the animations were amazing and I loved the music too. It’s all about a town that have no trees and is completely unnatural and so a boy goes off in search of a tree and discovers the story behind how all the trees were chopped down. It was a really cute kids film with a classic happy ending.

12. 30 Minutes or Less
At the end of the last year I watched Now You See Me and I really liked Jesse Eisenberg in it so I did my classic thing of looking up other films done by the said actor and discovered this one. It was relatively funny in parts but the plot wasn’t particularly mind-blowing. All in all it was some easy-to-follow evening entertainment but I won’t be watching it again anytime soon.

And that’s in for now! Please tell me your film recommendations!

Sophie x


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