100 New Films a Year – Check!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year and are feeling positive about 2014. Way back in 2010 I set myself the New Year’s Resolution for 2011 to watch 100 New Films (i.e. films that I have never seen before), I did this because I hated not getting casual film references made by friends or on the tele and also there are so many amazing films that I had never seen before so I thought I’d set my self a challenge.

So in 2011, I did it! I watched 100 films. And I thought, why not do it again? So in 2012, I did it again! And I thought, hey this is a New Year’s Resolution I’m actually sticking to, so in 2013 I did it again!

I’m not going to lie, it is sometimes a bit of a squeeze to fit that many films in. And sometimes 1 month I’ll watch only 2 films (October 2013) and then it’ll get closer to the end of the year and I’ll think oh, crap! I’m miles off my target, I’d best get watching! and then I’ll watch 23 new films in a month (December 2013). But, the point is, I’ve found a fun New Year’s Resolution that isn’t too unrealistic and if I have a bad month it doesn’t matter as long as I make it up later on in the year. I’m going to attempt it again in 2014, and I’m thinking of down a post each month about all the new films I’ve watched that month. Any film recommendations are more than welcome!

What do you think? What are your new year’s resolutions? Have you made any that you have stuck too?

Sophie x


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