My Weekend Down South


Around 90% of my friends stayed down south for university so I can sometimes go for quite a while without seeing them. This weekend, I decided to bite the bullet and spent over 11 hours travelling to get down from Birmingham to Southampton, then onto Bournemouth and finally, back to Birmingham. My friend, Vicky, turned 20 this weekend and on the Friday she held pre-drinks at her house before going to Propaganda at Myth, Southampton. I got to see quite a few friends from college and had a great night even though we boycotted Myth and did our own thing!

Saturday afternoon we stumbled to the train station and I felt sorry for myself all the way down to Bournemouth where my little brother, Benny, goes to university studying Business and Marketing (good choice!) My sister, Katie, drove down for the night too and we went to Bournemouth’s Christmas market and then had a sibling sleepover. I didn’t take any photos in Southampton but here are some from my Bournemouth experience:



IMG_3543 IMG_3552

IMG_3546 IMG_3547

Bournemouth has a big balloon on a long chain and you can go up in it and look out over Bournemouth. I’m not sure if this is just here for Christmas or a permanent thing. Either way it looked awesome up in the sky! There were many stalls filled with scarves, hats, stockings, decorations, lanterns, jewellery, food and drink.

The very last photo caught my eye; my brother and I couldn’t decide whether it was really cool or really ugly – or both!


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