Friday Night: Props, Kodaline and Dancing

On Friday I went to the O2 Academy with my housemates and some other friends and it was a great night. One of my housemates had some friends from home to stay and another housemate brought friends from Madagascar and Korea. Have you ever met one of those people that are amazing dancers but just look so effortless and disinterested doing it? Well one of the guys I was out with was one of those people and I just don’t know how he does it! Here’s a photo of a few of us.


Later on in the night, Kodaline played a dj set and being a massive fan of Kodaline of course I grabbed my housemate and we ran all the way to the front to be as close to the decks as we could. I was gutted I couldn’t get tickets to see them play The Institute earlier that night but seeing them so close made up for it. We spent most of the time calling out their names and getting them to wave, thumbs up and salute us. It was all very surreal.



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