Films on a Friday #13

Hello folks, I finally watched Frozen! 3 deadlines, 1 presentation and 1 exam (all in the space of 6 days!) over and I am home for Easter for the next 3 weeks. My brother’s Easter break started today too so we picked him up this evening and, as promised, we watched Frozen! So here you have it, number 56:

56. Frozen
What a film! It finished and I wanted to watch it again. Not gonna lie, I was a little worried it had been overhyped and I would be disappointed but I’m pleased to announce that this was not the case. The storyline was really good and the songs were just glorious. It was a Disney film so it’s going to be heartfelt, but it wasn’t too over top and the comedic character of snowman certainly lightened the mood.

As a side note, I’d heard a few of the songs before through youtube/spotify so it was good to have some context for them. Overall, I really enjoyed this film, people of all ages should give it a watch.

That’s all for now, have a good weekend!

Sophie x

Films on a Friday #12

Oh hey folks, yep today is not Friday but the last couple of weeks have been so manic I haven’t had time to write a post, so you can have this belated one instead! Friday I completed 3 uni deadlines and yet more paperwork for Marist and so when I got home from uni (after a quick stop at the market) I had a nap before going out to a houseparty. Saturday I went to an event at uni and Sunday onwards I have spent all my time doing work for another deadline due tomorrow. So it’s late, but life goes on and all that.

This week’s film I’ve been meaning to watch for a while – Despicable Me 2 – so without further ado..

55. Despicable Me 2
I really like this one. So easy to watch and very funny as well. It’s one of those films where if I was babysitting I’d probably be just happy as the kids to watch it, so who knows, maybe I’ll end up watching it again whilst I’m babysitting over Easter! The plot line was pretty good, it’s a kids film after all, but I genuinely found some parts really funny – especially those little minions!

Over Easter I said I’d watch Frozen with my brother so expect a little mention about that film soon! The funny thing is, I know a fair few songs from the film, I just haven’t gotten around to watching it yet!

I hope you’re all having a great week. I should get on with this work and then start revising for my class test tomorrow!

Sophie x

Just Another Manic Monday

Hello folks,

What a day it’s been! You know it’s been a busy one when you only get a chance to eat some lunch at 5pm when you finally finish with all of your lectures and group meetings. To tell you the truth, it’s nice just to have some time to put my headphones on and listen to music without having to listen and interact with other humans. Does that make me anti-social? Maybe a little, I guess group work sucks the life out of your social skills. 

Ah yes, group work. This week I have 2 group coursework deadlines and 1 group presentation – all due on Friday, such fun! One of them is almost there, 1 is about half-way done (depending on if I have to pick up the slack for other members) and the presentation is written, we just need to rehearse! So this week could either go fairly well – or it could be a last minute panic to get everything done – and the worst part is that I have no control over which way it goes, it’s in the hands of my group members!

On a side note – I’ve found a glorious mix on 8tracks (listen to it HERE) full of instrumentals from soundtracks like The Dark Knight Rises, The Black Swan, Narnia, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean and more. Oh I love it, although the urge to jump up and leap around the library doing interpretative dance is almost becoming too much…

Right, I should probably end this and get cracking with some coursework. I hope you’re all having a wonderful day! If you have any mixes to recommend on 8 tracks please link me up in the comments or on twitter @sophieredgell.

Sophie x

Films on a Friday #11

Hello folks, 2 films for you this week – both of which were sent to me by LoveFilm and also ones which I had been meaning to watch for a while.

53. Vampires Suck
My overall opinion of this movie is that it was dumb. I realise it’s a spoof and yes, some bits did make me smile; but most of the time I was just sat there thinking how much time, money and energy people had wasted writing, filming and editing this movie. All it did was make me want to watch Twilight again, which I did when my housemate suggested watching Breaking Dawn Part 2. In summary, don’t bother watching this one, it’s dumb and only funny for about 7% of the movie.

54. The Lucky Ones
This film is about 3 soldiers on leave for the army, each with stories of how they had been lucky to survive. When they return to America it portrays the different attitudes members of the American public have towards soldiers – some positive and some negative – and how their expectations of home aren’t always what they dream them up to be. It was an interesting film and you got to know the three main characters well whilst providing an interesting perspective on US soldiers.

And there you have it. Feel free to comment any suggestions below or tweet me at @sophieredgell.

Have a good weekend!

Sophie x

Doing Uni Steve Jobs Style

Hello folks!

When Steve Jobs was at college, he used to skip most of his classes and instead would attend classes from other courses that he found interesting. These were usually creative courses like Design and Caligraphy – it was from this that we were given the neat writing and design of Apple products. In fact, he later said “If I had never dropped in on that single caligraphy course in college, the Mac would have never had multiple typefaces or proportionally spaced fonts.” Pretty cool, huh?

Whilst I am no Steve Jobs, today I went into uni early with my housemates and had an hour to killso I sat in on their lecture to pass the time. They are all psychology students and it was a lecture about Developmental Psychology, this particular lecture looked at where aggression stemmed from. It was really interesting! The lecturer was really good and made it easy to understand, and there was a lot of theory in there without having to bust your brain trying to understand it all. As it was something new to learn about (and a refreshing change from business) I found myself concentrating really hard to take in everything being said by the lecturer. In a way I wish it was earlier in on the term so I could always fill my Thursday 2-3pm free with Developmental Psychology. 

So that was something I did today that was different from my regular Thursday. I’d love to hear about if any of you guys have sat in on another course’s lecture so go ahead and comment below or tweet me at @sophieredgell.

I hope you’re all having a fabulous day!

Sophie x

Films on a Friday #10

Hello folks!

I’ve been a busy bee this week so only 1 film to talk about today, but it sure was an interesting one!

52. Sleuth
So the main characters are played by Jude Law and Michael Caine and the main thing you should know is it’s so weird! It’s all shot in one house and is a long exchange between Michael Caine’s character and Jude Law. Caine is separated from his wife and Law is dating her, Law visits Caine to ask him to sign the divorce papers so is able to marry her. There’s a lot of hypothetical (and sometimes violent) game playing which gets incredibly dramatic at points, especially when you’re trying to work out what the eff is going on…

This film is a remake of one made back in the 70′s and in the earlier version, Michael Caine played the younger man. However in this remake Caine takes on the role of the older man whilst Law takes on the younger role that Caine previously played. Interesting! I liked this film, give it a go if you fancy something different!

I hope you lot are all doing well, film suggestions are always welcome!

Sophie x

Films on a Friday #9

Hello folks, how’s it going? After last week’s mega Films on a Friday, this week I’ve chilled out a bit and just watched 3 films compared to last week’s 10.

49. Playing for Keeps
A film about a let-down Dad who comes back into his son’s and ex-wife’s life and tries to be a half-decent father. It was alright, some parts were quite funny. Very predictable but I guessed that much from the trailer so it wasn’t too annoying. As much as I sound like a teenage girl, I do like a film with Gerald Butler in it so that was a definite good point.

50. Slightly Single in L.A.
This is a film about a girl who is living in L.A. who always dates guys who never want proper relationship. I think it was the Americans’ attempts at sarcasm as there were characters who were meant to be wanna-be actresses played by unknown actresses… so they are laughing at themselves? Maybe? I’m really not sure. But it wasn’t too bad, wouldn’t watch it again but yeah it was ok. Just.

51. Derby Stallion
Baby Zac Efron! Yes that is the only reason I picked this film. Bite me. It was released in 2005 and is about a teenage boy who doesn’t know what to do with his life and then befriends a man who owns a stables and learns to ride. The story line wasn’t mind-blowing but the acting was mostly pretty good. Zac was a cutie so I was happy! (Easily pleased..? haha)

And there you have it. Feel free to pop any film suggestions in the comments or tweet me at @sophieredgell. Have a smashing weekend!

Sophie x

If Uni Isn’t Rewarding, I’ll Find Ways To Reward Myself

Hello folks,

That’s it, I’ve had enough. Second year is hard. Uni is hard. I’ve been feeling pretty stressed recently because of coursework, group work and placement applications and I just need a break. I didn’t realise how much I loved half-terms back when I was at school and college. Don’t you have a reading week? I hear you ask – well no, I don’t. In fact, on my course (and quite a lot of other courses for that matter) reading weeks are these fictional things that hardly anyone gets but if someone does get one, everyone else will quite frankly hate them for 7 days whilst they have to carry on going into uni and trying to catch up on work and reading at the same time. Sometimes it just feels like no matter how much effort and how many hours I put in, I just can’t see the rewards of it all.

So I figured I need to do something to get out of this funk and I think that if uni isn’t rewarding, I’ll find ways to reward myself. Primarily it seems that I’m doing that by blogging about my woes instead of getting cracking with the coding on my qualitative analysis.. but I promise I’ll get straight onto that once I post this! Something that is really carrying me through is the fact that in 8 days I will be seeing Kodaline at the O2 Academy in Birmingham. I’ve had tickets booked for ages and it’s almost here! If you haven’t heard of them, here’s a video that I have been playing on repeat recently so feel free to have a listen:

Another thing I’ve been doing is playing a lot of bass in my bedroom. There’s a girl who lives next door to us who likes to practice singing. A lot. And it’s that really high pitched, screamy/trilling kind of singing that only people like Beyonce and Jessie J should ever attempt. So! Bass is fun and it drowns out my vocal neighbour – bonus!

I’ve also been talking to my brother & sister and some friends from back home and making plans for the Easter break. On the one hand I don’t want it to come too quickly because of the pile of work I have to get done before then, but on the other hand I’m really excited to see my friends and family for 3 whole weeks! I’m also hoping to get some work whilst I’m there and possibly sort out some work for the summer but we’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, I should probably leave it there as my coursework is calling me but I hope you are all having a good week and I’d be really grateful of any tips you guys use when you’re not sure which is higher – the pile of uni work waiting for you or your stress levels! Feel free to comment below or tweet me at @sophieredgell.

Sophie x

Cheers to the Freakin Weekend

Hello folks,

Oh how I love weekends. Last night I went out to celebrate my two of my friends’ birthdays and had a really good night. We went to Propaganda and normally my friends and I stick to the main room that plays indie/alternative music but last night I spent some time in the house and electro rooms and I really enjoyed it!


I’ve had a nice chilled day today. I had a lie in then got up and had a major clean up of the kitchen, went swimming and then later watched some tv with my housemates whilst doing some baking. It’s been good!

I hope you’re all having a good weekend!

Sophie x

Films on a Friday #8

Hello folks,

I hope you’re all well. It’s been another week of uni work and getting together paperwork for my placement for me. Last weekend most of my housemates went home for the weekend so I went to a house party and then spent the rest of the weekend watching a butt-load of films, so this week’s Films on a Friday is a big one!

40. The Host
I read The Host on holiday a few years ago and as the cover was black and I read it non-stop in the sun, it actually melted and I had to put it in the fridge to cool down before I could read it some more. I quite liked the film. I felt they explained the whole ‘host’ thing quite well and it was quite similar to the book in a lot of aspects. There were some bits in the books that in text form felt really long – for example when Melanie walks across the desert – that felt slightly rushed but I guess it had to be done to fit within a reasonable length film. I’d recommend this film – it was interesting to see a take on other life forms/aliens that wasn’t just really evil or gorey.

41. Stuck In Love
Stuck In Love is about a family who are struggling to come to terms with divorce and move forward from it. I thought the acting was good, although some of the plot lines felt pretty exaggerated and unrealistic, overall I’d say it was pretty good.

42. Drinking Buddies
A film with Jake Johnson! I really liked this film, I believe it was an independent one, at times the acting made it feel more like a fly-on-the-wall documentary which I liked. Some good acting, the plot wasn’t too outrageous so it had a proper realistic, honest feel to it. Give it a watch!

43. October Baby
No. Just no. I didn’t realise until after that this film was categorised in “faith and spiritually” as I only read the short pop-up description on Netflix. It is basically a film preaching against abortion. Don’t waste your time watching this one.

44. L!fe Happens
I really liked this! It has two of the main characters from 2 Broke Girls in it (which I don’t religiously watch but have seen the odd episode with my brother) and is about two friends who both need a condom but there is only one left and pregnancy ensues… It was a funny and entertaining watch, I felt it gave a nice representation of young mothers who are struggling to adapt to their new life. I’d recommend this film.

45. Not Suitable For Children
This has the actor Ryan Kwanten who plays Jason in True Blood (any fellow fans out there?). I really liked it! Jonah is a party boy who finds out he has one month until he becomes infertile so he spends it trying to find a way to have children before he no longer has the ability to. It was quite refreshing watching an Australian film, I haven’t seen many, I’ll definitely be checking out more.

46. Safe Haven
I liked this one. It is about a young girl who is running away from her past life but not for the reasons the audience is led to believe. Some nice acting, give it a watch it was pretty good.

47. Her
I saw this film in The Electic Cinema – the oldest working cinema in the UK – and I loved it! Very funny at some points but also really depressing at others. It made me question the modern day’s relationship with technology. I’d really recommend this one.

48. X2
Yep, another X-Men film. It was good – although I have to admit I liked some of the others better. It was fun to watch having watch X-Men Origins Wolverine as I was able to understand a lot more. Give it a watch – even if it is just to complete the X-Men set.

49. Hoot
Probably aimed at a younger audience, I watched it for Logan Lerman. It was alright, like I said it wasn’t really aimed at me. I wouldn’t bother watching again but maybe younger viewers would enjoy it more.

And there you have it! Have a fabulous weekend and feel to suggest some films for me in the comments or on twitter @sophieredgell.

Sophie x